SHELBY CSX6000  / Shelby CSX7000  / Shelby CSX8000  ( Based on vehicles successfully raced by Ken Miles, Chris Amon, Lloyd Ruby, Denny Hulme, Bruce McLaren, Dave MacDonald & driven by Carroll Shelby )
MARK II Slab Side  ( a sanctioned continuation of the original Shelby Cobra 289 that first appeared in 1962. A gentlemen’s car pure in every detail without screaming track car )
MARK II FIA  ( Designed to emulate the great Cobra 289 race cars of the 1960s.  Loyal to the original lines and proper nostalgic characteristics, the MKII FIA can be tracked or street driven ) 
MARK III  ( The Superformance MKIII is the only Cobra replica built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. )
MARK III Roadster  ( distinctly original an MKIII Roadster minus the roll bar, hood scoop, and side pipes. )
MARK III Custom Series  ( Bringing Perfection to another level with custom paint finish, optional black-out package. )
MARK III – R  ( an Old-School Classic and infuse a bit of modern-day flair. ) 

For years we’ve been providing solutions for Shelby’s
We have
5 & 6 Speed packages for your Superformance Cobra too.

Solutions are TAILORED to your needs
With many or all of the following:

TREMEC 5-Speed Transmission with Shifter

The MDL conversion packages are as complete as possible.
You get ALL the components you need where competitors’ packages provide only the basics.
When comparing costs be sure you are comparing apples to apples on the contents, and quality as well as after the order service.

  • You will need to select a clutch matched for your horsepower & use. Need Help… give us a call. 208-453-9800
  • We will use any existing parts you have that we can… there’s no need to buy new if you don’t have to.

Remember We Have Modular Motor Solutions as well!



How to improve on perfection?

How do you make the most sought-after roadster on the plant better?  Add a five-speed overdrive.
Whether you drive the original Shelby CXS series Cobra or one of the Mark II or Mark III’s, Modern Driveline the Five-speed or Six-speed overdrive to give your Cobra legs.
The Ford Toploader is strong a
nd fits the cobra well and is fun to drive. However, lacks an overdrive to allow these powerful road machines to pass everything on the road including the gas station. 

Experience The MDL Difference,

  • MDL extends the manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year.
    And we add a 1-year grace period
  • We offer best-in-the-industry customer service.
  • When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package
    you get, lifetime technical support.


Modern Driveline offers two different five-speed transmissions for today’s Cobras.


MDL Front shift T5z
single overdrive five-speed

Our front shift T5 five-speed is a perfect choice for small block power slab side CSX2000 series Cobras.
The T5 five-speed transmissions are compact, shift great and run quiet, but don’t let the size fool you.
T5 with its 2.95:1 first gear ratio with .63:1 OD can handle up to 450hp on street tires.
To place the shifter in the 289 Cobra location, we developed the front shift T5 with the shifter in the forward position to make the transmission easy to shift.
Couple this with a 289 Cobra short shift lever and OE-looking five-speed knob, you would swear the Cobra was born with a five-speed.
Interfacing the T-5 behind a small block 289/302 is a matter of choosing one of our T5 bellhousings or adapter plates.
The stock clutch linkage can be retained or look at one of our hydraulic clutch conversion kits.  

If a .63:1 ratio (37%) overdrive is too much, we offer an optional .73:1 ratio (27%) to keep the motor in the right rpm band.



TREMEC TKX 5-speed manual transmission









As we all know the block-powered Cobra makes a lot of power! This is where the Tremec TKX Five-speed comes in.
The TKX can easily handle up to 600lb-ft of torque and bolt up to a wide pattern Toploader bellhousing, when equipped with a shortened input shaft.
Using the shortened input shaft keep the over length of the TKX to 24″ so as not to make the already short drive shaft any shorter.
The shorter input shaft also aids with installation in such a tight tunnel area.
The TKX sports multiple shift positions to provide a true 427 look from the rear socket or 289 style with a mid-shift position shifter.