100% Made In The USA!

Front Shift T5

MDL has designed a two-socket, front shift, T5 that is great for mid-sixties and earlier vehicles to bring the shifter up ahead of the seat. Early Falcons & comets, Hot Rods, Street Rods, trucks (of all years), & Rangers are prime candidates. With a front or rear position in the Forward shifter position it will allow you to precisely place your shifter forward where you need it.

MDL Front shift T5 is the perfect solution behind a Ford V8 Flathead too.

With its small platform, it fits below the floor no tunnel mods, is geared correctly, accommodates mechanical or electronic speedometers, and offers greater driving comfort.

Standard T5

The smallest and lightest of the Tremec transmission line Don’t let the size fool you, this T5 transmission can hold its own and fits where others cannot.

The T5 is the best transmission for retrofits of 4-speed or automatics in classic cars and hotrods with a small block. Extremely versatile and usable in street.

This transmission safely handles 330 ft/lbs. of torque and is suitable for 450 hp streetcars on DOT-approved tires. The Tremec T5 is also ideal behind any small-block Ford engine or upgrade for inline-four and six-cylinder engines.

Available in 10 or 28-spline Ford applications