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Here are some great shots of a customer’s install of our specially modified T5z 5-speed into his 1931 High Boy Coupe.
This T5z is an MDL product, we exchange the stock tail housing for a modified front shift front or front shift rear location depending upon your needs which relocates the shifter position.
T5z 5-Speed-Front Shift Rear Socket is a TREMEC T-5z custom-made tail housing featuring a Front Shift with a Rear socket location.

Modern DriveLine tooled up and designed a two-socket, front shift, T-5 that is great for mid-sixties and earlier vehicles to bring the shifter up ahead of the seat. 

T5 5-Speed-Front Shift Rear Socket by MDL fits 1960-1965 Falcons, Hot Rods, Street rods, trucks (of all years), Kit cars and Shelby 289 Cobras are prime candidates.
This T-5 uses the Ford T-5 bolt pattern found in 83-93 Mustangs, Carpi, and T-birds.
Adapters plates and bellhousing are available to interface it to many other engine platforms.


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If you need to move the shifter forward on your T-5 like on this hotrod and wonder how to move that?
Modern Driveline has a solution for this.
We tooled up and built a new tail shaft housing to move the shift box to the front of the tail shaft housing and provide two-shift pivot positions.  The front shift position places the shift pivot point at 11.75″ back from the main case.  Front shift front position does require an MDL shifter as there is no stock application to move to this location.
You can further customize the shift lever position with one of our offset shifters to move left or right, front to back to make your ride perfect. 

He is also upgraded to an MDL hydraulic clutch system with our Master kit & Slave cylinder for a light smooth pedal.