TECH – Bellhousing/Scattershields

Bellhousing and Scattershield questions.

Yes we now offer a SFI steel bellhousings that are stock replacements. This same bellhousing can be used for T-5’s or TKO’s, in the Ford line, or various solutions for GM and Mopar’s. Best of all the bellhousing’s weigh in at about 25 pounds. Check out our line of Steel bellhousings.

Yes there is, but only in a scattershield. The Ford aluminum cast T-5/Tremec bellhousing are designed for 157 tooth flywheels.

Yes, the bellhousing shape is different then that of a toploader or automatic plates.

Yes, We are now offering Ford FE and 460 series cable operated scattershields that work with 4 and 5 speed Tremec conversions as well as T-56. Call us for details.

No, there is no clutch lever boot available as this time.

Yes it will. See our Starter page for more details.

TECH – Clutch Cable

Specific questions about our Clutch Cable conversions.

When the clutch cable is adjusted properly, there should be little to no slack in the cable. Most of the adjustment is done at the bellhousing end with fine adjustments made at the firewall. Making the cable too tight will preload the throw out bearing and reduce the disk clamp load.

When installing a Modern Driveline clutch cable kit, the only return spring that is used is the clutch pressure plate. This is the same way the 1980’s and later Mustangs are designed.

No we don’t. We do have new replacement pedals for each of the years of classic Mustang. 1965/66, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1971-73. These new pedals have a unique 2-piece design to facilitate installation.

Yes, a replacement cable can be purchased if it has become damaged. Proof of purchase is required as the cables are not sold separately to those who have not purchased a kit.

Modern Driveline clutch cable kits work with most exhaust systems. Some long tube headers push one or two tubes towards the motor not leaving enough room for the cable to pass by. The cable will clear Headman 88660, Doug Thorley Tri-y, Hi-Po manifolds, stock manifolds, shorty headers. The important thing is that the cable enters the bell housing straight, not side loading the cable housing causing it to wear out and is not damaged by heat from the exhaust. Jet Hot coating the headers inside and out greatly reduces the exhaust temps and add extra performance and cool looks to boot!

First thing to check is if the clutch lever is up against the back of the T-5, TKO or T-56 bellhousing opening. If it is, the clutch pressure plate release levers are too tall. The stock mechanical linkage pressure plate places the lever height too far back causing the clutch lever to be pushed back. The mechanical style pressure plate needs to be swapped out for two reasons. Lever height and throw out bearing travel. Mechanical linkage clutches require more throw-out bearing travel. A cable operated clutch doesn’t need to move as far and responds faster. We offer a replacement clutch set for those who need a 10” long pattern bolt pattern when using a early stock flywheel.

No. However, we do have a replacement bellhousing for the 3/4 speed transmission. It is a Quicktime steel bellhousing (part number MD-401-6063). Call us for details.

Aluminum flywheels were designed to lessen the rotating mass of the motor allowing the motor to spin up faster. A good application for this is road racing or auto-crossing. Aluminum flywheels don’t present any issues on the street. However, the engine pulsations may be more prevalent as they are not dampened by the heavier steel flywheel. There is a steel facing that can be replaced once is it worn out.

Yes there is. We offer several different flywheels in steel and aluminum were the imbalance weights can be changed by bolting on different weights. Call us for details for your application.

Friction disks come in many different surfaces. Which combination is right depends on how the car/truck is going to be used and the horsepower of the motor. See our clutch pages matrix for full details.

A 10.5″ full Kevlar clutch can handle up to 800hp in a 3300 pound car. 11″ clutch can handle about 900hp. How much power a clutch can handle is dependent on how heavy the vehicle and how it is being used. When you start moving upwards of 700hp and/or aggressive use, we will typically recommend a twin-disk. Call us to discuss your particular situation and we’ll recommend the best choice.

Yes there are 8.5″ and 9″ available with the T-5 spline size. Call us for details.

Yes, we offer a NEW stock replacement 8.5″ clutch set for Falcons, and Mustangs. The clutches are completely new, not rebuilt, and come with new bearings and alignment tool. Best of all it’s backed by a one year warranty.

5/16” and 8mm bolt should be torqued to 25ft/lbs in a star like pattern. It is best to start out with 15ft/lbs and work your way up, this way the pressure plate remains flat.

A multi-friction clutch is when two different friction material facings are applied to each side of the clutch disk. For added performance and service life, Kevlar is added to the pressure plate side of the clutch disk and the other side remains organic. For street and strip, a multi-friction disk is often a combo of Kevlar and metal. This allows the clutch to operate as smoothly as it can with more bite off the line. Contact us if you have detail questions on other combination’s and applications.

Yes. This should be done by a blanchard grinder and not on a lathe. The grinder keeps the flywheel cool while resurfacing and put back in the machine marks that are need to help break in quicker while embedding fresh clutch material on the surface. Flywheels become dished due to heat cycling even when there is even wear. If there are any grooves or hot spots and the machined marks are gone, it should be resurfaced. It will prevent shattering and promote better clutch wear. If the flywheel has surface cracks that are deep, the flywheel needs to be replaced. Like brake rotors, flywheels have thickness limits and can only be resurfaced so many times.

Each clutch is hand built and 100% QC for release and proper clamping. All clutches are zero balanced so it won’t affect the balance of the motor. All clutches are backed by a one year warranty for defects and workmanship. Superior Clutch is about quality and understanding the needs of its customers.

Yes and No, the stock bellhousings are only designed to work with a 157 tooth flywheel where as the aftermarket scattershield have both starter bolt pattern for 157 and 164 tooth flywheels.

All stock 289, 351w and 351c use a 28oz imbalance. All Ford small block motors (289, 302, 351) dated 1981 and earlier use a 28oz imbalance. 302/5.0L dated 1982 and later are 50oz imbalanced. Stroker motors like the 347ci offered by Ford are generally 28oz imbalance, but check with your engine builder for the crank specs to be sure.

You can if you have a aftermarket flywheel that has more then one bolt pattern. We offer two flywheels that have both the early, long finger pattern and the metric pattern for late model pressure plates. These flywheels come in cast steel, lightened billet steel, and aluminum.

Superior Clutches are very smooth operating clutches even on aluminum flywheels. Kevlar does not bite has hard allowing more power to be applied without breaking gears. Full Kevlar is highly recommended for light weight car like hotrods and Cobras where the body mass is reduced and smooth shift is desirable. A high quality Kevlar disk like the one offered by Superior Clutch has a 2x to 3x service life over what you will get out of an organic disk.

That depends on how much power the motor makes and how the car is used. 1. If the car is used for daily driving and makes under 300hp, then a stock 10″ or 10.5″ will work great. 2. If the car makes over 300hp then a dual friction Kevlar/organic is a better choice for spirited street driving and track duty. 3.Full Kevlar clutches are great for super charged, higher horsepower levels +400hp. Works very well on the street and perfect on the track.

TECH – Conversions

General questions pertaining to Five/Six speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question. 208-453-9800

Yes it can with an adapter plate. Call us for your application.

Yes a Tremec 3550/TKO/TKO500/TKO600 have the same transmission bolt pattern as a toploader but with a longer input shaft. The input shaft can be shortened or a spacer plate can be added to make up the difference. Which way to go depends on the car. Cobra’s benefit from the shortened shaft for easier installation/removal. Mustangs with consoles benefit from the spacer plate to center the shift lever in the opening.

There are many different ways a five speed can be installed. There are several types of bellhousings and adapter plates to make it easy. Which bellhousing or adapter depends on which motor you have, or what type of clutch linkage is desired. Start with this article in Tech Alley for details and options available.

In most cases it does. The input shaft is 3/4″ longer. Whether you use a T-5 bellhousing or an adapter plate, the transmission comes back 3/4″ of an inch. This means the drive shaft has to be shortened the same and rebalanced. Some cars, the drive shaft is already too short and may not need to be shortened. A properly fitting driveshaft should have about 3/4″ of slip yoke showing behins the tailshaft seal. Ready to bolt in driveshafts are available in both steel and aluminum.

Not all aftermarket shifters use the stock T-5 bolt pattern that the shift lever used. Shifters like the stock appearance shift lever use the stock T-5 bolt pattern.

Yes very much so, in general. However, if you are installing a Tremec TKO or T-56 into certain vehicles where the trans tunnel needs to be modified to get it to fit, then the reversal process is more involved.

Yes, very much so. The level of how stock you wish the car to appear is up to you. We have kits that use the stock linkage and OEM appearance shift lever, ball and boot.

No, the mounting points are much different and does require a crossmember made for each transmission. See our online catalog for crossmembers that are available. 1965-66 Mustangs that are converted using a TKO can use the stock crossmember when the floor support is moved further back to help make room for the larger TKO case. This is the reason we do not offer a 65-66 Mustang TKO crossmember. Call us for the rest of the details for this application.

TECH – Driveshaft

Driveshaft related questions pertaining to Five/Six speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question. 208-453-9800

Yes, Most of the later Mustang and truck with 9″ axle come with larger size U-joints yokes. We offer a U-joint that can be installed on a stock drive shaft to couple the two together.

Most driveshaft lengths are referanced by the center to center position of the U-joints. The slip yoke is a fixed length. After the yoke has been positioned, a tape measure can be used to measure the U-joint center to the rear yoke face of the rear axle.

There should be at least 3/4″ of slip yoke showing for most cars. Trucks or off road vehicles will require more if they are lifted and the axle travels a lot up and down.

Yes, it requires U-joints that are coated to prevent the steel cup from eroding the aluminum drive shaft yoke causing the drive shaft to wear out and vibrate over time. All of our aluminum driveshafts are equipped with these cups.

About 8 pounds over a 50″ long steel drive shaft.

In most cases it is better to replace the drive shaft when installing a conversion. The cost of replacing the yoke, two U-joints, shortening the tube and re-balance is nearly the same cost of a new one. Besides, it is ready to bolt and ready to use, saving you time.

More than 5-6 degrees is too much. For help with measuring angles check out the Driveline Angle Finder app for your smart phone.

It is highly recommended, as the parts are not always balanced. It is best to shorten the driveshaft from the back half rather then from the front. Any good driveshaft shop will be able to make these changes.

Both T-5 and Tremec 3550 use a 28 spline yoke which is the same as a C4, toploader or AOD. 3 speeds and T-10 4 speeds transmissions used 25 spline slip yoke so a replacement is needed. Tremec TKOs require a 31 spline outshaft, so a 31 slip yoke is required. C6 also have 31 spline output shafts. Call us if you need a replacement yoke.

TECH – Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon questions pertaining to Five/Six speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question. 208-453-9800

Customer Review’  09/30/19
RE: Hydraulic Master cylinder for his ’65 Falcon with 289


“Thank you for a great product. This fixed a problem a person has been fighting for two years.”


Even though the Mustang was based on the Falcon design, the clutch pedals are completely different.

No, you will need a Falcon crossmember we offer, designed for the front shift T-5.

No, the shifter is located too far back and will not clear the floor support that holds the transmission crossmember. A front shift T-5 is needed to place the shifter close to the stock location and retain the floor support. By placing the shifter forward the shifter will clear the bench seat and require no modifications to the floor support. We offer complete conversion packages for this application. See our Falcon page for more details.

TECH – General Application

Questions about TREMEC transmissions in general and the conversions they go into.

Yes. In the case of GM applications, any TREMEC Transmission labeled simply as “GM” or “GM Aftermarket”, is intended to bolt directly to a GM/Muncie-style bellhousing. The same is also true of “Ford” or “Ford Aftermarket” models and Toploader bellhousings. However, this does not always take into account other variables such as pilot depth, the length and spline count of the input shaft, etc. For information regarding a specific application it is usually best to give us a call.

The overdrive feature of a TREMEC Transmission provides many benefits beyond exceptional fuel savings. First, the significant drop in RPM during highway use will greatly extend engine and accessory life. Second, cruising will be more pleasurable as cabin noise will be substantially reduced. Lastly, you’ll never have to watch the competition blow past you on the highway because you’re out of RPM ever again!

No. Although OEM’s routinely try to make the case that because of modern computer controls, automatics are just as efficient as manuals, the truth is that no fluid-driven conventional automatic can achieve the same level of efficiency as one of our manual transmissions. Computer controls act merely to help keep an inefficient system at the peak of its efficiency. Automatics must ‘launch’ with an open or unlocked torque converter. Meaning that at every start, automatics are at their most inefficient state. At constant speeds one can more accurately compare the two, but when the same ratios are considered, manuals are always more efficient.

Our T-56 Magnum 6-speed is rated to accept as much as 700-lb. ft. of sustained torque in a vehicle weighing as much as 4,500 lbs. However, in a case where warranty considerations are not as great of a concern, it is important to note that TREMEC Transmissions can often handle substantially more power if the user practices common sense and understands the failure conditions of a given driveline part. For example: A four-thousand-pound-plus car launching at high rpm on drag slicks is more likely to cause a failure than a lighter weight, smaller displacement, street car on aggressive street radials.

No, most manufactures do not offer them as these items are considered off road parts.

We make sure it shifts good, there is no movement in the shafts, and there is no noises. All parts are inspected before going into the tranny.

A clutch pedal (an option in the package) and drive shaft. We now stock new pedals for vintage Mustangs with a unique two piece design to simplify installation. We stock new drive shafts or you can shorten and re-balance the one you have.

For a little extra money the 325HP package contains a 10.5″ King Cobra style clutch, but a 300HP package would also work just fine (10″ stock organic clutch).

In most cases the problem is the syncro’s will not slow the gear down to allow the shift to occur. If this is allowed to continue the slide ring and gear will also need to be replaced.

Most likely the input shaft and lower cluster have badly worn gears and should be replaced. The reason it does not make lots of noise in fourth, is the input and output shafts are locked together with no power applied to the gears.

It is very hard to diagnose a transmission without seeing it, so it is best to take the car to a local mechanic and have it checked out. If it is determined that the transmission is bad, you can either remove it yourself, or have a mechanic remove it and then have us rebuild it. If you remove the transmission yourself, plan on about two to three hours to remove.

You should also drain the transmission fluid before you remove it, and be prepared because the transmission will leak a little from the output shaft when you remove the drive shaft (even after you drained it).

We recommend that you avoid aggressive driving for the first 500 miles on a new gearset to allow the gears to polish each other adding years to the service life.

A WC T5 takes about 2.75Qts of ATF, where as NWC T5 use 2.75 Qts of 70 weight gear oil. Tremec 3550/TKO takes 3Qts of GM syncromesh only. We recommend that you change the oil in the transmission once every two years for street driving and once a year for severe driving.

Yes we now offer a SFI steel bellhousings that are stock replacements. This same bellhousing can be used for T-5’s or TKO’s, in the Ford line, or various solutions for GM and Mopar’s. Best of all the bellhousing’s weighs in at about 25 pounds. Check out our line of Steel bellhousings.

It is highly recommended, as the parts are not always balanced. It is best to shorten the driveshaft from the back half rather then from the front. Any good driveshaft shop will be able to make these changes.

Both T-5 and Tremec 3550/II use a 28 spline yoke which is the same as a C4 and toploader. T-10 transmissions used 25 spline slip yoke. Tremec TKO come with a new 31 spline slip yoke in the box ready to be installed.

Yes, the bellhousing shape is different then that of a toploader or automatic plates.

Yes it will. A late model starter can also be used. They are smaller and have higher torque.

No, the T-45 bolt pattern is setup for 4.6L modular motors.

TECH – Hydraulic Clutch Linkage

We carry complete solutions for hydraulic clutch conversions for classic cars. Our solutions are complete systems engineered for compatibility between the master and the slave, whether the slave is internal or external. The master is engineered to provide the greatest amount of pedal stroke at the least pedal pressure. For more information see our hydraulics page.

It is really a matter of personal preference and your physical setup. The external slave is less expensive than a internal slave. Some people want to push the cylinder away from the header so the internal is their preference. Other people want the external so if anything goes wrong it does not require pulling the trans.

For more information see our hydraulics page.

Compared to a cable system the hydraulic system requires more labor and time to install for alignment and bleeding of the system.

Internal slave cylinders should be resting about .120″ – .150″ off the pressure plate fingers and disengage the clutch fully with .450” – .500″ travel at the clutch fingers.

In most cases the factory master cylinder can be used with a aftermarket slave cylinder if so equipped.

Internal slave cylinder is located inside the bellhousing and is mounted either on or in place of the bearing retainer. It replaces the throwout bearing. External slave cylinders push or pull a clutch lever from outside the bellhousing.

TECH – T45

Common questions pertaining to the T45 and it’s use in Five speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question. 208-453-9800

No, the shift lever is not long enough and will pop out of the offset lever in the transmission. Use only shifter’s designed for T-5/T-45’s.

31 spline for added strength.

Each T-45 came with a metal tag that is bolted to one of the main case bolts on the tailshaft housing. T-45 part number begin with a 13-86-xxx number.

Yes you can. Beware that the later model T-45 had electronic speedometer, instead of a gear. This can be changed by swapping the tailshaft housing and gear from the old to the new T-45.

Yes there is, but it is small. All the GT T-45 had 8 tooth speedo gears and the crossmember mounting location is more forward as compared to the Cobra’s. In later years, they became the same location. All other parts are the same.

GT T-45 only used a 8 tooth drive speedo gear. This limits how low you can go using the largest driven gear available that works (21 tooth). Yes 23 tooth driven gears are available but they do not last. The proper way to correct this is to purchase a 7 tooth drive gear located on the main shaft inside the trans. Cobra T-45 come stock with 7 tooth gears.

Like T-5 and T-56 the T-45 uses ATF. We recommend Amsoil ATF.

Some T-45’s had defective 3-4 shift forks that need to be replaced. Call us for repair price and/or for parts.

Install either a TREMEC TKO-500/600 or a T-56. Using a 4.6L Tremec bellhousing and a TKO will bolt up to the 4.6L motor. If adding a second overdrive is desired, choose a modular 4.6L T-56. Call us for details on both.

Not at this time, the T-45 bolt pattern is setup for 4.6L modular motors. Since the bellhousing is a part of the transmission there are no other bellhousings available.

TECH – T56

T-56 FAQ’s.

As the T-56 6-speed transmission were used in several models (Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Viper, Cadillac,…) there are numerous models out in the wild. For conversions use these are not always the best to try to adapt to a new use. At the present time we offer several different models of T-56 transmissions. The Magnum series comes in models for Ford and GM. In addition there are numerous gear ratio combinations available stock. We also offer combinations not offered from the factory to meet the demands of our customers. Give us a call with your needs.

A T-56 is a large transmission as compared to a 4 or 5 speed. The over all length poses challenges with switching the mounting point back and the larger main case. Depending on what the T-56 is being installed into, the trans tunnel and shifter location have to be measured. We offer several solutions for these challenges, feel free to contact us for the application you have in mind.

Like T-5’s – ATF, about 4 qts. We recommend and stock Amsoil ATF.


Common questions pertaining to the T5 and it’s use in Five speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question. 208-453-9800

Move the shift stop all the way back and shift into 3rd and adjust the stop until it just about touch’s with no pressure. Repeat this step in 4th for the lower stop.

The two black wires on top of a Ford T5 is the neutral safety switch used for cruise control. You can remove this in a vintage car as it is not needed.

That depends on what T5 you are starting with. Torque rates vary from 240ft/lbs to as high a ~500ft/lbs with aftermarket race gears. The strongest factory T5 is known as a T5z at 330ft/lbs. It is not uncommon to use this trans behind 450hp. Contact us for specific information regarding your application.

You can now as we offer special input shafts that are longer for the 94-95 mustang bellhousing. See our products page for more information or give us a call.

Not really. Only the main case can be with the right gears and it is not worth the time or money. It is better to start off with a WC T5 and upgrade it with better gear-set and other options.

Yes, there are several ways to narrow down the ID. First is to check the shifter location. Mustang shifters are almost at the end of the tailshaft housing. Camaro shifters are right about the tailshaft bushing. Second is the input shaft size and splines, third is the date code on the main case and or top cover.
GM T5 have a 26 spline input shaft where the Fords are 10 spline.
The V8 Ford T5 have a .670” pilot bearing, where as, the 4 cylinder pilot is .590”. Fourth is the lower cluster bearing just under the front bearing retainer. Is it stamped steel or a molded bearing race? Stampped steel tells you it is a NWC where the molded race makes it a WC T5 (the name Timken can be read).

The ID of all B/W and Tremec transmissions is found on a metal tag bolted to the main case. The number found on the main case or tailshaft housing will not ID the transmission.

No, not by a long shot. Be sure to read the T-5 history tech article and review the id chart.

Yes, 5th gear can be changed from .68 to .73, .80, or 90. .63 can be changed to .59, .73, or .83

A 4 cylinder T-5 will bolt up to a V8 bellhousing with a “special” bushing. However, the 4 cylinder T-5 gearing is very low and is torque rated for only 240ft/lbs. It is recommended that the transmission be upgraded with V8 gearing before being but into service behind a V8. We can do this for you. See our T-5 history page for more details.

Yes, We offer a fulcrum kit that bolts to the inside of the bellhousing that allows the original clutch fork to be used. This prevents you from having to use an adapter plate, and later, if you decide to switch to a clutch cable system, or hydraulics, you can.

The only solution prior to 2008 was to use an adapter plate that is bolted to the five bolt stock four speed bellhousing. We now offer a steel bellhousing which will bolt to a 5-bolt block and accept a T5 behind it.

Call us for details. 208-453-9800

All stock Ford T-5 except for the 93 Cobra and T-5z came with aluminum front bearing retainers. These retainers wear out from having the steel throw out bearing move back and forth until it is very hard to push the clutch pedal. New steel retainers can be installed as an upgrade and is highly recommended. We have these retainers in stock. Give us a call.

It depends on what trans you are replacing, but in vintage cars it is typical to shorten by about 3/4″ as the T5 has a longer input shaft. It is always best to measure your exact need before having the driveshaft shortened.

A front shift T-5 is a customized Ford spec T-5 that we developed to retain the 10 spline input shaft and 28 spline output shaft. It is ideal for hotrods, cobra kit cars, Falcon’s/Ranchero’s and 2wd Rangers. We can modify any 2wd T-5 for this shifter location.

50w gear oil, as there are no bearings under each gear and the syncro’s are bronze with no linings. The original spec was Dextron II. As it is now longer available the next best choice is 50w gear oil or motor oil. ATF, as used in a world class T5, is too thin to use in a non-world class T5 leading to premature wear.

ATF oil only. (About 3 qts.) There are two reasons, Reason one, each gear has a needle bearing under it that needs lighter weight oil, the second reason is the syncros are lined with carbon fiber just like the linings found in a automatic transmission. Synthetic or regular dino oil can be used. We recommend Amsoil synthetic ATF.


Specific to the TREMEC 3550/TKO and new TKO-500 and TKO-600 transmissions.

The TKO series is the most popular choice for 5-speed conversions in new and classic cars. For specs and more information see our TKO page.

The older 3550/TKO’s have three positions. TKO-500/TKO-600 transmissions have three positions. (NOTE: originally there were four. The fourth being the very front position. This position has proven to be problematic and has been obsoleted. The access plate is still there but can not be used as a shifter position.) The TKO-500/600 transmissions have three basic positions. 1. Rear (default) 2. Rear/Forward (Rear shifter flipped) 3. Mid-position (Whole new shifter mechanism) In addition to these basic positions, we also carry a line of short throw shifters which can be configured with offset left, right, forward, backward to fine tune the position of the shifter stick.

No they are the same. The new TK0-500/600 have a new shift location for vintage GM and an additional electronic speedometer hookup on the passenger side of the tailshaft housing.

Series II TREMEC’s are .83 over drive geared transmissions best suited for road racing when a tall over drive is not needed. These transmissions have been replaced by the TKO-600RR.

GM Syncromesh only. The syncro material in these transmissions benefit from and shift better with Synchromesh rather than the ATF used in the T-5 and T-56.

Yes, a GM TKO. It come’s in both TKO-500 and TKO-600 gearsets. The TKO-500 has a 3.27 first while the TKO-600 has a 2.87 first gear ratio. There are two overdrive ratio’s available, .68 and .82. It has the GM Muncie bolt pattern and GM input shaft. The speedometer cable drive requires an adapter we offer.

Call us for details.

Yes, a shortened input shaft TREMEC 3550 or TKO-500. If you are willing to change the clutch to a 26 spline, a TKO or TKO-600 with a shortened input shaft can be used. A second option is to use a spacer plate (MD-401-2108) to make up the difference in length of the TKO’s standard input shaft.

Yes – What you will need is a TREMEC TKO, TKO-500, or TKO-600 with a shortened input shaft to bolt directly to a stock Ford BB bell housing or aftermarket scattershield.

Yes we do. We have kits for both the older 3550/TKO’s and the new TKO-500/600’s . The kits come with a rear position cover and is a much better choice over the TREMEC stock offering for the same money.

No, the TREMEC 3550 and TKO are much too tall in the main case and needs more room to achieve the correct drive angle. If the transmission is allowed to hang down, the case is exposed to road clearance hazards and will cause vibration, especially when decelerating. To properly install a TREMEC 3550 or TKO into a 65-66 mustang, the floor trans tunnel should be raised about 1.5”.

Yes/no, only the Mid-position is available. Note, the factory front shift is obsolete. Contact us with your application and we’ll recommend the correct combination of position and shifter offset to accommodate your needs.


Specific to the TREMEC LT-T56 transmissions.

Attention un-used transmission owners!

Do you have or did you purchase an older model LT T-56 transmission thinking it was going to be an easy bolt-in, only to find out the funky pull style clutch will not work? Or that you had to do an expensive LS input shaft and mid-plate swap?

Well fret no more! Modern DriveLine has the answer!

We have developed a system using a conventional clutch, internal top-of-the-line Tilton hydraulic release bearing and NO CHANGES to the transmission. None!

Two systems available:

  • Use the stock bell and 153T FW for less than 400HP… or
  • Upgrade to the Quick Time bell and 168T FW for more!

Both systems use full Kevlar clutches for long life and smooth engagement.

Now you too can use a trans that was previously a boat anchor.

Call us today and… make it Modern!  208-453-9800