Tilton Engineering strives to produce the best racing parts and service for drivers and racing teams dedicated to their sport.

Tilton’s wide range of products

racing clutches in metallic, ‘cerametallic’ & carbon/carbon
hydraulic release bearings
racing clutch disc packs
racing flywheels
racing pedal assemblies

Tilton products are primarily designed for racing use and can be found worldwide in nearly every form of racing, winning numerous major races and championships each year.
Tilton continues to expand its offerings to include products for the high-performance street market, such as with their ST-246 line of twin plate clutches and 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings.


Of the numerous innovations Tilton has brought to the racing world, the most recognized is the carbon/carbon racing clutch.
Tilton’s was the first carbon/carbon clutch to be used in F1, winning its first race at the 1987 Detroit Grand Prix in Aryton Senna’s Lotus-Honda.
The technology developed by Tilton can be found in most carbon/carbon racing clutches of today.
Tilton Engineering was awarded a US Patent and the Louis Schwitzer Award for the technology found in this race industry-changing innovation.
Today, Tilton continues to introduce innovative products to the racing industry each year.

Engineering/Manufacturing/Quality Control

Tilton Engineering believes that having Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Control within the same building is the best way to insure the highest quality products are delivered to customers. Our products are designed by experienced engineers, who understand the needs of racers, using the latest solid modeling CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. 90% of our machined components are manufactured at our facility in Buellton, California using top-level equipment, including a Toyoda Horizontal Milling Center (HMC) and Mori Seike lathes.
After machining, products are quality-checked using Browne and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and tested using proprietary equipment.


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MDL is proud to carry Tilton Racing products as part of our quality line of products. to ensure a positive long-lasting experience with professional parts.

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