TREMEC Hi-Performance Transmission Fluid

HP-MTF display adEngineered for use in aftermarket manual transmissions

We get the question all of the time: “What kind of transmission fluid should I use with my TREMEC aftermarket transmission?”

Although recommended and/or acceptable fluids for TREMEC products are generally well-known by experienced users, substantial market confusion exists due to aggressive marketing campaigns of competing products and conjecture found in various forums. HP-MTF is intended to serve as the definitive position of TREMEC Corporation for TREMEC aftermarket assemblies.

Below are some bullet points that help explain TREMEC’s new High Performance Manual Transmission Fluid (HP-MTFTM):

  • HP-MTF was developed in partnership with respected automotive and industrial lubricants producer, Lubrizol; and was validated by TREMEC specifically for use in its aftermarket transmissions. While the supplier information is not intended to be marketed feature of the product, agents are allowed to give the supplier name to any inquirer without fear of reprisal.
  • HP-MTF is compatible with factory assemblies on which many aftermarket units are based; meaning that it can be used in TR-3550s, 3650s, 6060s, etc. However, as Tier 1 supplier first, TREMEC’s official position regarding recommendations for OEM applications will continue to be to follow vehicle manufacturer guidelines.
  • HP-MTF is believed to be beneficial in several non-TREMEC assemblies; although it has NOT been validated for transmissions other than the aftermarket units specifically mentioned (T-5, TKO, Magnum, Magnum XL)
  • 1-quart bottles of HP-MTF indicate that the product is recommend for assemblies manufactured from 2008-to-present. This is due to crossover considerations related to various OEM programs for which we cannot guarantee compatibility—namely the “carbon paper” friction rings commonly found in early T-56 transmissions. TREMEC has NOT validated the compatibility of HP-MTF with this material.
  • The use of HP-MTF is NOT required to maintain the factory-issued warranty on any TREMEC aftermarket transmission. The use of Dexron-III or Mobil 1 ATF in T-5 and Magnum-series transmission, and “GM” Syncromesh in TKO transmission will remain acceptable practice until otherwise specified.
  • Change intervals of HP-MTF will depend on use but should not extend beyond the three year shelf life recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The key selling feature of HP-MTF is that it is a product developed for TREMEC, validated by TREMEC, for use in TREMECs. It is intended to provide an ideal balance of protective qualities and shift performance. HP-MTF makes no claim to “outperform” other brands, only to offer assurance to customers that seek a high-quality product that is guaranteed to perform well in their TREMEC transmission.
  • Although shown to perform better in cold-shift evaluations than Dexron-III, depending on the lubricant used prior, users may notice some degradation of cold weather shiftability. TREMEC recommends avoiding hard or abusive use until the product reaches appropriate operating temperature.