Tremec’s new powerhouse
With a sleek all-new case.



TREMEC TKX a 5-speed RWD manual transmission developed solely for the aftermarket.

For the development of the new transmission, TREMEC engineers took a forward-looking approach to find the best and most efficient solution. This included universal packaging, excellent shifting performance, and extreme durability.

The result is superior shift-ability with smooth shifts at high RPMs using multi-cone synchronizers and hybrid synchronizer rings. At the same time, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance are optimized with a gear layout to best control stress levels, while providing structural stiffness with a ribbed, 3-piece aluminum housing.
Durability is further optimized with oversized gear widths, gaskets at all flanges, and caged needle bearings in all gear positions.

Whether restoring or upgrading a classic muscle car or a 1930s-era roadster coupe, the new TREMEC TKX 5-speed RWD manual transmission delivers a top-quality drivetrain solution.

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the TKX offers an impressive array of flexible features.

  • An all-new end loading design.
  • End loading design eliminates top cover & provides superior strength
  • A rounded low-profile case for excellent tunnel clearance
  • 8000 RPM shifting & 600lbs/ft. torque capacity
  • Ford & GM Bellhousing pattern & input configurations
  • Rear main-shaft support bushing moved from tail closer to the gearbox provides better support.
  • New smaller stamped steel mid-position cover with 4 M6 x 18 countersunk socket screws.
  • Sintered carbon + bronze hybrid synchro rings with a non-leaning edge profile like the T56 Magnum.
  • New neutral switch location on the right side of the TKX with a plunger pin to connect with the rail selector.
  • Wider gear faces for easier torque handling.
  • Electric and traditional cable drive and analog OSS speedo sensors, Digital VSS available.
  • Multiple shifter locations.





Far and away, the most versatile 5-speed on the market.

TREMEC’s TKX the latest innovation to the series of 5-speed transmissions that began with its successful TKO in the 5-liter Mustang movement and has since been fitted into nearly every rear-wheel drive performance application imaginable.


Serving up 600 lb-ft of torque capacity, along with up to 8000 RPM confidence-inspiring shifts and fuel-saving overdrive.

The TKX offers an ideal blend of brute strength and street manners – which may be why it’s original design TKO series manual transmissions are behind more boulevard-bruising street machines and sportsman race victories than all of its competitors combined.

It’s the take no prisoners gearbox that started a revolution and has now evolved into what is TKX.


Sintered carbon + bronze-Hybrid triple cone synchros with a non-leading edge profile direct from the T56 Magnum allowing for up to 7800 RPM shifts.
Fits GM A-Bodies without tunnel modification  –  Chevelle / GTO / Cutlass / Nova /
ALL NEW Endloading design which means, Greater Strength, Eliminates leaks

Sintered carbon/bronze-Hybrid triple cone synchro’s with a non-leading tooth profile