There are a few reasons to invest in a new 5 or 6-speed transmission for your classic
Here are just a few.TREMEC Elite logo


Particularly in the case of retrofits into early applications,

TREMEC transmissions are almost always stronger than the units they replace.


Improved shifting, reduced shift efforts, increased fuel

economy…these are just some of the many performance benefits a TREMEC transmission typically offers.


Tier 1 OEM quality for your custom aftermarket application—only
TREMEC offers that!


Features specifically designed to meet aftermarket needs,
backed by a capable network of TREMEC Elite Distributors for kits and modifications, mean that our transmissions can go in almost anything!


You won’t find a higher-quality manual transmission for your hard-earned money anywhere.


TREMEC transmissions are 100% brand new and covered by a
12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty.


If you do have a problem, our Elite distributor Modern DriveLine’s staff is on
standby Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM–5:00 PM MST, ready to help.



TREMEC’s design and development activities are based on system-wide integration and expertise in gears, shafts, bearings, synchronizers, and shift mechanisms as well as knowledge of materials and processes that can contribute to the best torque-to-weight ratio on the market.
TREMEC engineers continually improve the physics of gear design — of multiplying torque or speed, transmitting torque between axles, and reversing direction—but at ever higher efficiency, lower mass and space, lower noise, and higher durability.
The result is that raw materials enter TREMEC’s on-site forging facility at one end and emerge as robust, superior-quality products from the heavily automated plant on the other.

Is there anything worse when driving your hot rod on the highway than getting passed by an econobox as though you were standing still?
Perhaps it’s hearing your expensive engine scream while the speedometer reads a mere 65 mph
Your gas
mileage is so poor you can actually see the gauge plummet toward “E.”
If any of this sounds familiar, check out the line of 5 and 6-speed high-performance overdrive transmissions that can immediately benefit you.