65-66 Ford Galaxie Hydraulic Clutch Master kit/ .750 Bore


………..THIS IS A


Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit for  65-66 Ford Galaxie.


  • Uses stock clutch rod opening.
  • Single-angle block in the engine compartment and no reduction linkage.
  • Fits under stock brake booster.
  • Trimming of steering column support plate required.
  • Only 3 small holes drilled.
  • Achieves full pedal stroke.
  • No clutch pedal modifications.
  • plastic reservoir with attached rubber hose


All MDL Hydraulic kits come with our 1-man Bleeder kit to make installation easier.

Our Hydraulic master kits are  ALL  hand-assembled in-house ‘ so that we may control quality & tolerances.
They are tested and proven, then double-checked for fit & finish before they go in the box for shipping.




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Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


IN-910-0082 Rev 1


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