79-93 SBF MDL Aluminum Bellhousing External Hydraulic Slave Kit for T5/TKO/TKX


LF Series Hydraulic
Engineered Solution


MDL LF Series External Hydraulic Clutch Slave kit, Ford Mustang 79-93, Aluminum T5/TKO/TKX Bellhousing

Modern Driveline Lightfoot series clutch slave cylinder kit for 79-93 Mustang T5 and 3550/TKO & TKX aluminum bellhousings is the solution for converting the cable bellhousing to external hydraulic release.
Mounting to the bellhousing, the cylinder pushes from the rear of the fork, clearing long tube headers while making it easy to install and service.
Gone are the problems of clutch cable clearance issues and a heavier pedal due to worn cables that drag.

When coupled to MDL LF Series master cylinder kits, installing or converting to hydraulic clutch release could be easier.
Engineered as a system, it takes the guesswork out while providing maximum results.




MDL External T5/TKO/TKX Aluminum bellhousing hydraulic slave cylinder kit.


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Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in


IN-910-1002 Rev 8

Q & A

External Hydraulics FAQ and Troubleshooting


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