63-67 C2 Corvette Hydraulic Clutch Master/ .700 bore


LF Series Hydraulic
Engineered Solution

63-67 Corvette Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit – Type 2

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63-67 C2 Corvette, Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit, LF Series – Type 2 (.700″ bore x 1.4″ stroke)

Modern Driveline Light-foot series Hydraulic Master cylinder clutch cylinder kit for 63-67 Corvette uses the stock clutch pedal.
Engineered to use the factory full swing of the pedal, for maximum leverage, it provides a light pedal effort and full control of the clutch, this translates to a drive you will love.

All MDL Hydraulic kits come with our 1-man Bleeder kit to make installation easier.


  • 63-67 Corvette 

LF (Light Foot) Series 

  • Aluminum master cylinder body. 
  • Uses stock clutch pedal 
  • Master is located directly in front of the clutch pedal.
  • Integral reservoir
  • Firewall support plate mounts behind the Firewall  
  • Works with most internal and external slaves.

Coupe this kit with Tilton Engineering internal hydraulic release bearings, results in complete hydraulic clutch solution ready to install.

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Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


IN-910-0105 Rev 3


Bleeder Kit rev 4



Type 2 = .700″ bore x 1.4″ stroke (.539cu/in) This is the preferred size for all of our slave cylinders.
Type 3 = .750″ bore x 1.4″ stroke (.618cu/in)  

Output fitting size = AN4


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