79-93 Fox-body Mustang/Capri Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit .700 Bore



  • 1979-93 Mustang
  • 1979-86 Carpi 
  • 1978-83 Fairmont/Zephyr
  • 83-86 Granada
  • 83-86 LTD
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79-93 Mustang/Capri Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit – (.700″ bore x 1.2″ stroke)

From the SEMA award-winning team that brought you the SN95 Mustang Hydraulics.

Modern Driveline’s Light Foot series Hydraulic clutch master cylinder kit MD-910-0052 fit 1979-93 Mustang/Capri and other Fox platforms.

No longer will you have to worry about clutch cable clearance with long tube headers or heavy-duty clutches that cause the clutch cable to fail or a heavy pedal effort.  

NOTE: early cars with single-pin clutch pedal cable arms must be retrofitted with dual-pin pedal arm (quadrant)


The master cylinder kit replaces the stock clutch cable and quadrant while using the stock clutch pedal and cable hole.
The under-dash linkage converts the pull to a push using the stock clutch cable hole and pedal.
Our linkage was
engineered using CAD modeling to provide the best pedal effort curve for a controlled clutch feel & improved driving experience.
Our Fox clutch hydraulic system is the correct solution for many and various conversion problems where a clutch cable is no longer used.

ALL MDL Hydraulic master kits come with our unique One-man Bleeder Kit to help make installation easy.

  • NOTE

    This kit will not fit when using a Trick Flow intake manifold.
    For this manifold please use the kit part numbers below which feature a remote reservoir
    MD-910-0052-P        MD-910-0052-C       MD-910-0052-B

LF (Light Foot) Series

Owner Bruce Couture’s Fox Mustang was the development mule for this kit.

  • Pedal linkage to maximize pedal control and effort. 
  • Uses stock clutch pedal and clutch cable hole for ease of installation
  • An integral remote reservoir that fits with a ’93 Cobra brake booster. 
  • Works with internal and external slaves.

Be sure to match the master cylinder to one of many external and internal hydraulic clutch slave cylinder kits
(The most common are shown in the link below)

MDL Hydraulic Slave Cylinder kits


Need help to decide what you need?    Give us a call at 208-453-9800.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in



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