At MDL, we can get into a lot of clutch science and physics. However, here’s what you need to know to make an educated purchase:

There are three Modern Driveline single-disc clutches from ‘Superior Clutch’ for Ford applications — Organic, Kevlar/Organic, and Kevlar/Kevlar. They are available in 10 & 26-spline.

The Superior Organic clutch from Modern Driveline is a basic stock replacement in either 10″ or 10.5″ and with either a standard pressure plate or the brute King Cobra pressure plate. The Superior clutch is economical and well suited to the daily/weekend driver or show car.  The Superior Super King Cobra clutch from Modern Driveline features steel-backed facings to prevent disc separation common with King Cobra clutches and heavy abuse.

Modern Driveline’s Superior Kevlar/Organic clutch is a multi-friction type with Kevlar® and Organic surfaces designed for additional grip in mind and high heat tolerance from high-performance applications.  These clutches are available in 10″ or 10.5″. The Superior Kevlar/Organic clutch is optimum for street and track use.

Superior Clutch’s Kevlar/Kevlar clutch from Modern Driveline is designed for long life and minimal wear under extreme duty conditions. These heavy-duty clutches available in 10.5” are preferable for high-performance, high torque applications. What’s more, they’re preferable for lightweight vehicles prone to clutch chatter.

We also offer Twin-disk options for Ford from Ace Racing, Tilton & McLeod.