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1971-73 Mustang/Cougar Cable Clutch Conversion

Enjoy reduced clutch pedal effort with A Modern Driveline Cable Clutch Conversion Kit

Ford’s factory equalizer bar clutch release system was never a good idea because it simply wasn’t strong enough or mechanically engineered to function with ease and smoothness, especially over time. This is why Ford ultimately went to cable clutch release systems in 1974 and later model Mustangs. Cable is linear. Cable is smooth. And cable is purely better.

Modern Driveline makes it easy to go from equalizer bar in your 1971-73 Mustang or Cougar to cable clutching in an afternoon and we’re going to show you how on the “Rebuilding Generations” 1971 Mustang convertible. To make this conversion easier to see, we have removed the Mustang’s instrument panel and dashboard. It is suggested you remove the instrument cluster and dashboard for easier access.

Fig. 1: Modern Driveline’s #MD-7173M-CC 1971-73 Mustang/Cougar Cable Clutch Kit sports everything you’re going to need to perform your cable clutch conversion including the bellhousing dust cover. What you will need not pictured here is a cable-compatible bellhousing, which is available from Modern Driveline.
Fig. 2: Pedal support removal begins here at the instrument panel/dashboard support bracket. You will need a ½-inch socket.
Fig. 3 The brake and clutch pedal support is fastened to the firewall here as shown via studs and locknuts. A 9/16-inch socket is required for this step.
Fig. 4,5 The 1971-73 Mustang/Cougar pedal support is one of the more challenging pedal supports to remove. This is the complete pedal support assembly. Although it is often perceived this spring (arrow) is a return spring it is actually a helper spring designed to reduce clutch pedal effort. Modern Driveline eliminates all of this with cable smoothness.
Fig. 6 Here’s the 1971-73 Mustang/Cougar pedal support on the work bench. The Modern Driveline cable conversion eliminates this helper spring completely.
Fig. 7 This is the brake light switch, which is secured with a factory installed failsafe spring steel cotter pin. Never use a substitute — and remember, safety first.
Fig. 8 Once you have the pedal support removed, cable conversion is easy. The helper spring has been removed.
Fig. 9 Modern Driveline cable assembly with adjustable Heim joint looks like this installed at the pedal support assembly. You will be amazed at the reduced clutch pedal effort when installation and adjustment are complete.
Fig. 10 If you have a well-worn or damaged clutch pedal no worries because Modern Driveline can help with reproduction clutch pedals for classic Mustang and Cougar as well as other vintage Fords and Mercs.

Support System

Toss those old plastic pedal support bushings and tune into the Scott Drake pedal support roller bushings from Modern Driveline. This is a must conversion for your cable clutch system conversion because it is the life of the system modification. Once you have performed this simple pedal support mod you will never have to do it again.

If you are upgrading an automatic car then you likely will need these bearings. Prior to these years Ford built the pedal hanger assembly with bushings whether the car was an automatic or a manual. In these years an automatic car does not even have the bushings, just a large hole. This kit will solve the problem.

Fig. 11 Look to Modern Driveline for everything you’re going to need to perform a cable clutch conversion including the C5ZZ-2478-RB Pedal Support Roller Bushing kit for 1965-73 Mustang and Cougar as well as other vintage Fords and Mercs. These precision roller bearings and bushings improve load distribution and smoothness at the pedal fulcrum. What this means for you is no binding and smooth function.
Fig. 12, 13 If you’ve decided to go with stock plastic bushings, generously lubricate them with white lithium grease. This is Modern Driveline’s clutch pedal and pivot, which gets everything like new again.
Fig. 14 Here’s the complete pedal support and Modern Driveline clutch cable assembly as it should look installed underdash.
Fig. 15 Complete pedal assembly with clutch cable is installed first at the firewall and then dash support.
Fig. 16 Clutch cable routes down through the floorpan for 1971-73, which makes this package different than 1965-70.
Fig. 17 Down under the Modern Driveline clutch cable system pulls the fork and release bearing into the Superior clutch assembly inside. This is a Modern Driveline TREMEC T-5 conversion with cable style clutch bellhousing.
Fig. 18 Here’s the completed Modern Driveline 1971-73 Mustang/Cougar clutch cable installation as it should appear on your vehicle.

Cable Vision

If you’re installing a five speed in your car this is the cable kit which will pull it all together.  Modern Driveline has cable clutch conversion kits for Mustang, Cougar and Falcon.  Check out our website for more detail.  Cable clutch kits are designed for the T5, T56 and TREMEC TKO series transmissions with a cable compatible bellhousings and scattershields. Each of these cable conversion kits carry a limited lifetime warranty.

These heavy duty lined Modern Driveline cables are much smoother than the original Ford system.  Installation is easy and can be performed with ease with basic hand tools in your home garage when performed as part of a TREMEC/Modern Driveline five-speed conversion.  Clutch adjustment is easy.

Enthusiasts Who Are Also Engineers

This is why you do business with Modern Driveline. We are not a large company with huge product development teams with bean counters and Wall Street investors looking over our shoulders. We are automotive enthusiasts bent on getting our products right before they’re ever sold to the public. We are also very determined to deliver great technical support after the sale. As a Modern Driveline customer, you will never be our guinea pig. We find problems before they get to you and solve them before they ever become a headache for you.

We don’t just find the fault — we find the fix at the prototype phase before products ever reach the mass production phase. And if you ever encounter a problem with any of our products, we invite your contact so we may solve it before it ever becomes a frustration for you. If there is a problem after the sale, we are here to provide lifetime technical support for any Modern Driveline product you buy.

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