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     What Customers had to say:

“I’ve installed your hydraulic kits on a couple of cars and I like that you make a quality product, it was easy to install and made a big difference.”


Tim from Michigan


You Make a Quality Product

“Thank you for putting out quality Parts that fit and work great.”


T. Bedard

Quality Parts that fit and work great.

“These guys are great!
Bought a kit from a third party and was missing a piece. Got no assistance from the third party so-called Driveline and out of courtesy, they mailed me the missing piece for free and was here within 3 days. Can’t beat that kind of service!”


Jersey Mustang

Can’t beat that kind of service!

Big shoutout to Paul at moderndriveline. We were able to fix the alignment issue with the clutch pedal linkage, clean up the clevis, and install bushings to keep the arm centered. What a difference! The clutch feels like it belongs in a little econobox. Perfect!


B. Newman read more

Big Shout-out to Modern DriveLine

“I couldn’t be happier with the TKO-600 kit I bought from you guys. Makes the car so better to drive on the highway with a overdrive.”

– Cody Herning






I couldn’t be happier with the TKO-600 kit

Unboxing my Tremec TKO 600 and complete transmission kit from Modern Driveline!
This is probably the best and most comprehensive transmission kit available if you are building a Cobra replica.  Check them out, here

By: Metalcop

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Cobra 427SC Replica Build Part 13 TKO 600 Unboxing!!

” I called this AM and spoke to Bruce on the pedal bolt. car is now driving amazing.
It has been parked for 10 years… I’ve owned it 33 years with the c4 trans.

The hydraulic clutch is awesome!  Trans shifts great!

Only negative…  my engine (351W with Holley 750 DP) has been tuned for high rpm of the loose converter C4… I can now see I’ll need some carb recalibration with the manual but that’s OK… so much fun to drive!  The engine acts confused lugging it at 1200 rpm.

One surprise… my car has an original bench seat which has a foldable center armrest.  The shifter location and body position are perfect to rest your elbow on the armrest!  Glad I left the original seats now, rather than aftermarket buckets.


Everything is just right; I cannot imagine it working out any better so thank you!

Brandon. “

65 Mustang-Everything is just right

March 27 

“Modern Driveline is a great company to work with.
Purchased a T-5 from them a few years ago and the customer service and technical support are unbeatable.”

   T. Petschke

Customer Service & Technical Support are Unbeatable

Here at the pics of the car I promised you!
Thanks again for all of your help, I couldn’t be happier with the end result of the conversion! 



I couldn’t be happier with the end result of the conversion

“I wanted to thank you personally and MDL  for your help in solving a transmission shifting problem I had been having for about 4 years. I’m not a mechanic but it is mostly what I do in my spare time.

After describing my symptoms to you, you said it sounded like an active input shaft and as it turns out you were right. My tranny goes in gear now with no issues.

I have been meaning to send this to you for a couple months but couldn’t find your email address.

Again thank you!

I’m on several Ford forums and anytime some one asks about tranny conversions I tell them to call MDL. 

Robert Ramey

Jacksonville Fl

Car is a Cobra kit car with a 462 FE  that I built in 1993.”.

Just wanted to say Thanks !

” I spoke to you last week about the hydraulic clutch that was not disengaging fully on my 70 Mustang. I finally got time to work on the car today. I adjusted the clutch according to the new instructions, and it slightly improved it, but the transmission was still balky.
I bled it with the bleeder kit I ordered from you, and after a couple of false starts with brake fluid all over my driveway from the stopper popping out, I felt that I finally got an adequate bleed. I drove it, and it was fixed!  A pleasure to drive.
I had bled this system multiple times, had pros bleed the system, and I never got more than an inch of travel on the slave cylinder. Obviously, I had just enough of a trapped air bubble to prevent the slave cylinder from pushing the lever enough. I finally got a system with your bleeder where I could hold the stopper in place and inject the fluid at the recommended rate, and it worked. The mess cleaned up with some soap, and it is a pleasure to drive now! “

Thanks for the help!

John Casto.

If At First You Don’t Succeed






The clutch went out in our Dodge 2005 diesel truck. We did not know where to turn because we needed the truck to pull trailers in the back country. We called Modern DriveLine and they spoke with the clutch builder . Modern DriveLine built us a custom clutch that works perfectly. It shifts very smoothly and is completely reliable. You can’t ask for anything more when traveling in the back-country wilderness.
Thanks Modern DriveLine !

Jeff Beynon

Thanks Modern DriveLine !

















This one is going to be pretty cool as well, piano black ‘67 Mustang with 347 stroker engine and MDL’s TKO500 perfectly fitted 🙂

Piotr Deszkiewicz


Stroker engine & MDL’s TKO500 perfectly fitted

turn11.jpg (35974 bytes)

“First, let me say thank you one more time: your help and frank, honest answers were immensely helpful.  It was obvious from the start that you were more concerned with getting me the appropriate equipment than maximizing your profit.  Being able to get everything from one source and then to call you with questions was a great relief!


I absolutely LOVE the cable clutch – it is amazingly smooth and pedal effort has been greatly reduced.  It seems like a different car and, when I drive my friends 66 coupe (he took my old toploader) I can’t believe the difference!  In addition, the cable made the addition of headers a snap!  I went with the Hooker Super Comps and the cable fits right in between the tubes: the Z bar would have made installation a nightmare! “

I absolutely LOVE the cable clutch

“Thank you for the excellent choice at the Original Route 44 Show & Shine. I’m running pretty much everything you sell”.

Shelby cobra
Happy Cobra Owner with MDL Solution

“Hello modern DrivelLine

While cleaning out my mailbox I discovered an email draft about my Tiger transmission conversion that never got sent!.

Your conversion kit for putting the five-speed transmission in my 65 Tiger is just fantastic!

Danbury Competition Engines provided the clutch so he could include that in balancing the engine assembly.  Modern Driveline provided everything from there back.
This transmission is absolutely fantastic!  The clutch works beautifully and the shifter clicks into the 5 gears with such great precision.  It is SO much better than the old Toploader!!  The overdrive is greatly appreciated for out on the highway

For the installation, I opted to put the engine/transmission combination in from the top which proved to be extremely challenging to say the least.  I certainly recommend going in from the bottom as you and others have suggested.  But, it can be done from the top!  Everything fit in perfectly so I had no modifications to make to the car which was my utmost concern and requirement.

You had suggested that a different bore master cylinder would likely be required.  The stock Tiger master cylinder bore is 5/8″.  I had a 3/4″ bore identical Girling master cylinder in stock but, even that proved to be too small.  As I was up against a deadline to get to the Watkins Glen vintage races, I had to seek out something local and fast.  I discovered that the early 80s Jeep CJ7 used a 13/16″ Girling master cylinder and many parts stores had them in stock.  That turns out to be the best size for this conversion at least in my Tiger.


All in all, your transmission kit for the Tiger is just wonderful and the ONLY way to go for this conversion!  I just love it! “

Sunbeam Tiger- the ONLY way to go

“I would like to thank you for your great service and products. The T-5 fit like a glove. Replacing the T-10M with the T5z turned a car which was really a pain to drive on the street into a vehicle which I’d drive to New York without a thought! The Shelby now cruises at 70mph at 2,500 rpm, instead of 4,000 with the 4-speed. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results. The lower gears (1st, 2nd and 3rd) also greatly improved the cars acceleration. I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend this conversion for any street driven early Mustang.“.

I’m in Overdrive… Are you?

Good morning Bruce, Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to drive the AC…..The gearing feels great, the clutch and shifting are superb!!!
Thanks for all your help on this…
I love that T5!  I’m getting a *huge* increase in miles-per-gallon, due largely to the overdrive, plus perhaps the new manifolds to let the 289 exhale more directly.  And the general quality of the driving experience — to be turning 2000 RPM at 60MPH rather than 3000 RPM — is very welcome.

EPSON DSC picture


Shelby cobra
Superb Shifting

I went to Bruce at Modern Driveline wanting a 5 speed conversion that wouldn’t cut the bracing in the floor.
Everyone else told me it couldn’t be done…   He figured out how to do it and executed it beautifully.
The conversion completely transformed this car.
Now I get killer acceleration with 3.55s, and I can still cruise at 80 on the freeway. It rocks.

Falcon Flies Again

Just wanted to say what a great product you have. 
I installed the cross member this weekend and it fit great!! 
I tried to install another shops cross-member and it didn’t fit so I thought perhaps after 30 years that my car was somehow off…  Wrong,  I guess they just don’t take the kind of care when making a product you do or perhaps their test mule is off.  LOL!


Fits Like A Gloveweb designer

Hi I’m Ron Bramlett, owner of Mustangs Plus, Inc. in Stockton, CA. In 1999 I ordered a T-5z with a .83 overdrive 5th gear for the use in my #4 Grabber Green fastback. The reason is that the stock .63 ratio is basically unusable in any performance driving. My hat’s off to Bruce for building me such a nice shifting and trouble free transmission.

Grab those gears – Ron Bramlett

Here is Richard Bramlett’s 1966 mustang coupe that is nicknamed the Colt 351.

It is equipped with a built 351W and a Modern DriveLine, custom built, T-5z. Richard built his 351W to produce a lot of torque so that he could drag race the Colt. With 25+ passes down the quarter mile, his best ET on street tires is a 12.6 seconds @ 113mph and with slicks 12.3 seconds @ 112mph.


Colt 351

Here is a 65 Mustang that had a T-10 Four speed with 4.10 rear gears.

The T-10 four speed was removed for a T-5z five speed with 3.25 rear gears. The original clutch linkage was removed for a clutch cable system. Drive-ablity and mileage have much improved.

I Made Mine Modern


Thank you again for choosing Modern DriveLine, we’re happy that you’re enjoying your driving experience once more.

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