Put overdrive in your Classic vehicle. Conversions of automatic or manual transmissions.  We specialize in TREMEC T5's, TKO and T56 Magnums.


"Five/Six Speed Conversion Specialists"


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Modern Driveline is a TREMEC Elite Distributor


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We Accept Visa, Matercard, and Discover
We Accept Visa, Matercard, and Discover
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Note: If you already have a transmission, check out our transmission specs page to be sure the type you have will meet the torque your engine is providing.  


LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Kits

LF Series Hydraulics Master

LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Master

Light Pedal Feel
Included remote reservoir
Works with internal and external slaves
Uses stock clutch rod hole (where possible) for ease of installation.


Current Solutions:

1960-65 Ford Falcon
1965-66 Ford Mustang
1967-70 Ford Mustang/Mercury Cougar
1962-65 Ford Fairlane
1966-70 Fairlane, Falcon/Comet
1968-71 Torino
1970-79 Maverick
1975-81 Granada
1961-66  F-100 Pickup

1955-57 Chevy (Tri-Five)
1967-69 Camaro/Firebird
1970-81 Camaro/Firebird
1967       Chevelle/GM A Body
1968-82 Chevelle/GM A Body
1963-67 Corvette

The LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Master is a revolutionary design for retrofitting hydraulics into the classic cars.  The common approach was to use a 3/4" Master connected to the pedal directly.  To get the proper pedal pressure and stroke the cylinder needed to be raised higher than the stock clutch rod linkage hole.  Interference issues prevents this in many cars.  These issues resulted in either a heavy pedal pressure or a very short stroke or both.

Modern Driveline solved these issues with an innovative design.  The cylinder itself is resized and optimized for this use.  It's small size insures it will fit in the majority of applications.  Mechanical linkage was added which makes it possible to use the clutch rod hole (where possible), allows positioning of cylinder perpendicular to firewall, and provide mechanical advantage thus reducing the pedal pressure required to operate the clutch.  The mechanical linkage design also allows the full stroke of the pedal to maximize clutch modulation. 

Complete solutions of master and slave need to be optimized with matching fluid volume.  For this reason we offer kits specifically matched to our slaves or to existing slaves on the market.

Rounding out the kit is an included remote fluid reservoir (Tri-Five Chevy is integrated).

A typical complete solution consists of the LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Master, a steel braided line of appropriate length, and the LF Series External Hydraulic Clutch Slave or the LF Series Internal Hydraulic Slave.


Ford Hydraulic Clutch Kits

Chevy Hydraulic Clutch Kits

Call for pricing or a complete solution for your application.



1 Year Warranty!

LF Series Hydraulics carry a limited 1 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

LF Series Master Kit