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Muscle-Z-Bar: High Performance Clutch Linkage

The Muscle-Z-Bar is the answer to poor performance from your mechanical linkage.  Spherical rod ends, heim joints, and fully adjustable linkage rods remove the binding points which plaque mechanical linkages.

As Jim Smart says in Mustang Monthly: "The vintage Mustang's stock clutch linkage isn't a bad design. In fact, it isn't much different than most from the era. When properly installed and adjusted, it works quite well. But when we ask the stock equalizer bar (also known as a Z-bar) and its linkage to handle the added pressure of a high-performance clutch setup, it can bend or break-or both."



  • All stock Ford mounting locations and pivot points
  • Direct bolt in with no cutting, drilling, or welding
  • Spherical rod ends on fully adjustable linkage rods and hardware included
  • Fully TIG welded z-bar
  • Spherical bearings and CNC machined pivot tube

    Made in the USA    
    See below for kits for specific engines:



Coming April 2017

We are currently out of stock as the supplier has stopped making these. We have completed the  process of developing our own and are now expecting the 1st production run mid APRIL 2017.  Stay in touch to be one of the first when the shelves are stocked.


Part # MD-410-2001
$ 279.95

 1965-1966 Mustang Muscle-Z-Bar kit:

Fits 289, 302, and 351W engines

Part No.
Standard manifolds. 


Part # MD-410-2002
$ 279.95

1967-1970 Mustang, Cougar Muscle-Z-Bar kit:

Fits 289, 302, and 351W engines

Part No. MD-410-2002
Standard manifolds



Part # MD-410-2001 R
$ 137.95

Part # MD-410-2002 R
$ 137.95

1965-1970 Mustang, Cougar High Performance Linkage Rod Kits:

Fits 289, 302, and 351W engines We are now offering our Muscle-Z-Bar linkage rod kits sold separate. The linkage rods are fully adjustable and use teflon lined spherical rod ends. Our linkage rods are solid and use male rod ends so the stock rubber firewall boot will still work properly. This kit is a great alternative for those of you who may have already bought a stock type Z bar but want improved clutch function and feel. The kits include all grade 5 mounting hardware, upper and lower linkage rods, and high quality spherical rod ends.

Part No. MD-410-2001 R
fits 1965-66 Mustang 289, 302 (removal of upper tab and lower pin on Z-bar will need to be done)

Part No. MD-410-2002 R
1967-70 Mustang, Cougar 289, 302, 351W



Part # MD-410-2003
$ 279.95

1967-1970 Mustang, Cougar Muscle-Z-Bar kit: (big block)

Fits 390 and 428 engines

Part No. MD-410-2003
This kit uses the stock Ford or reproduction clutch fork adapter.