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T-56 FAQ Index

  • How many different types of T-56 are there?

    As the T-56 6-speed transmission were used in several models (Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Viper, Cadillac,...) there are numerous models out in the wild. For conversions use these are not always the best to try to adapt to a new use. At the present time we offer several different models of T-56 transmissions. The Magnum series comes in models for Ford and GM. In addition there are numerous gear ratio combinations available stock. We also offer combinations not offered from the factory to meet the demands of our customers. Give us a call with your needs.


  • What are the issues to be concerned about when installing a T-56?

    A T-56 is a large transmission as compared to a 4 or 5 speed. The over all length poses challenges with switching the mounting point back and the larger main case. Depending on what the T-56 is being installed into, the trans tunnel and shifter location have to be measured. We offer several solutions for these challenges, feel free to contact us for the application you have in mind.


  • Which type is oil is used in a T-56?

    Like T-5's - ATF, about 4 qts. We recommend and stock Amsoil ATF.