3650 Transmission MD-553-3650-REM – TCET1265 Remanufactured


12 tooth Electronic Speedo


Tremec Ford 3650 Heavy-duty Five speed Single overdrive Transmission

Reman, Tremec 3650, 2001-2004 4.6L 5 speed. (Will fit 99-00)

TCET 1265

The TR-3650 five-speed overdrive transmission was developed using state-of-the-art technology and is designed for a wide range of cars and compact utility vehicles. 
This is a remanufactured unit, not new.

It has been inspected upgraded, and tested, and comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

We only have a few units in limited quantity… when they are gone they are gone.
Since the TR-3650 was produced for the Mustang for only 4 years, service parts are limited.


Currently, the TREMEC TR-3650 is used in the Ford Mustang GT and the BA Falcon. 
It was first introduced on Feb 22nd, 2001, and was produced until Sept 2004.
as a replacement for the T45 five-speed.  Produced from 1999 – 2001

Features & Benefits:

  • Center Distance – 85 mm
  • Five-speed transmission with overdrive
  • Integral clutch housing with front cover end-loading design for increased driveline bending strength
  • Two-wheel drive
  • Advanced synchronizer design
  • Optimized multi-rail shift linkage
  • Improved shifter design
  • Constant mesh, synchronized reverse
Part Number
Torque Cap.
Gear Ratio Chart
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rev
TR-3650 TCET1265 120 360 3.38 2.00 1.32 1.00 0.68 3.38


Only to a Ford Mod Motor such as 1996-2010 4.6L Modular engine only.


  • New input & tail shaft seals
  • New carbon-lined synchro rings for all gears

Due to the size & weight of these units, they must be shipped via LTL freight


Some information on the 3650 Mustang 5-speed manual transmission

The 3650 has a stronger 5-speed manual transmission to mate with the new Modular 4.6L V-8 engine.
Introduced mid-production in 2001 Mustangs began receiving the 3650.

The 3650 was a BorgWarner design that was exclusive to the Mustang.
Tremec (Transmission Technologies Corporation – aka TTC) acquired BorgWarner’s Light-Duty Transmission Division around 1997.
While the T-45 remained virtually unchanged, T45 & 3650 units produced by TTC bear the Tremec name.

The 3650 is a single rail shifting mechanism that is somewhat like the T5 and was carried forward to the T56.
The T-45 was the first Mustang manual transmission to have a fully synchronized reverse gear.
Some versions of the T5 had a “Reverse Brake” feature that employed an extra synchro ring, but the reverse gear was NOT fully synchronized in the T5.


– 1999-2001 Mustang GT & COBRA /                                             12-tooth Electronic Speedo
– 2001 Mustang COBRA ( 1st Half-year Model Only )                   12-tooth Electronic Speedo



For 1999, Tremec invoked several changes that made the 3650 more reliable.
This included stronger shift forks for all gears, a sturdier throw-out bearing sleeve on the front housing, and carbon-fiber synchro rings for gears 3, 4, 5, and reverse.

One additional change for 1999 was the inclusion of an all-electronic “OSS” speedometer sending unit.
1994-1998 Mustangs used an electronic signal to drive the speedometer, but these signals were generated by a “VSS” speedometer sending unit that was driven by a pair of gears.
Calibration for a “VSS” speedometer system was accomplished by selecting the correct gears to drive the sending unit.
For 1999 the OSS unit had no gears and was calibrated by settings in the “Tune” of the Engine Computer.

The 3650 uses the same shifter base as the T5 and enjoys a broad selection of aftermarket shifter choices that can improve the indexing of third gear on a quick shift.

There is only one set of production gear ratios for the 3650.
The ratios are all 3.38, 2.00, 1.32, 1.00, and 0.68.   


The current official Fluid for a 3650 is Ford’s Mercon-V which is a quality synthetic blend.
The Mobil-1 meets the Mercon-V specification but is also fully synthetic.

It is a consensus that certain synthetic fluids have detergents in them that can damage the linings of the non-carbon-fiber synchro rings used in the 3650 and should be avoided.
Gear oil and motor oil are not recommended and will damage the early style synchro rings used in a 3650.




Additional information

Weight 1890 oz
Dimensions 39 × 13.9 × 17 in