Offers  five and six-speed conversions for
Small Block, Big Block or LS swapped C-2 Corvette

Our line of products offers simple ways to upgrade your 3 or 4-speed
to a Tremec five-speed or a complete automatic to five or six-speed overdrive.
We have you covered.

From the SEMA award-winning team that brought you the SN95 Mustang Hydraulics.


  • Increase in fuel economy with overdrive.
  • Lower RPM’s for more drive-ability and a much quieter in-car feeling. 
  • Reduce wear on your engine & drive-train parts
  • Reduce engine temperatures, promoting a longer-lasting engine.


  • We extend the manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year.
    And we add a 1-year grace period.
  • We offer best-in-the-industry customer service.
  • When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package you get, lifetime technical support.


TKX Five-speed Overdrive

Are you looking for an extra gear in your Corvette?
Modern Driveline has the solution for you

The New TKX single 5-speed
With either 18% or 36% overdrive.


MDL Corvette Specialty designed & engineered
Side Shift TKX.

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Our Corvette TKX five-speed has been customized to fit in place of the Muncie four-speed.  With fresh stock body mounts, the TKX will clear the tunnel.
MDL’s side-mounted low-profile shifter places the lever in the stock location.
Unlike many other shifters of its kind, our shifter has the lowest profile that is rock solidly mounted.  Shifter linkage remains enclosed keeping dirt out and allowing the oil to remain in the shift box.
The shifting quality is short and confident.
Corvette equipped with an M21 rock crusher the TKX will slip right in.  If not, we offer a complete line of 26 spline clutch sets for both Mechanical and hydraulic clutch releases.
At 600lb-ft of tire-melting torque capacity, there is not much this TK can’t handle.

So from small blocks to the latest boost feed LS, the TKX will make your Corvette a boulevard bruiser.  

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MDL’s Corvette package is as complete as you want to be.
We don’t have set kits that you are forced to purchase unwanted parts that go unused.
We listen to our customers and discuss providing a custom quote that meets your project.

Our packages can include everything from the crank back to the diff.
Our product line allows us to keep your Corvette-looking stock but perform like a modern-day muscle.
Only you will need the five-speed is there.


Available Gear Ratios 

GM TKX Gear Ratios Spline count
Item # 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Input output
TCET17722 2.87 1.89 1.28 1.00 0.81 26 31
TCET17805 2.87 1.89 1.28 1.00 0.68 26 31
TCET18083 3.27 1.98 1.34 1.00 0.72 26 31


When converting from an automatic to a TKX five-speed, a complete conversion is built for you.
In just 15-20 Minutes, we will ask you a series of questions to build you a detailed quote.

Solutions are TAILORED to your needs
With many or all of the following:


click on the link below to see the installation article by: Jim Smart

TKX Performance for C2/C3 Corvette

T-56 Magnum Double Overdrive Six-Speed

The centerpiece of TREMEC’s high-performance line-up, the Magnum 6-speed takes the state-of-the-art OEM technology and pairs it with the most popular flexibility features of the all-business TKX.
The result is a double-overdrive transmission that easily tolerates up to 700 lb-ft. of torque, delivers unbelievable sophistication, and that is far more flexible than any other 6-speed in the market.
Known in its OE form as the TR-6060, the Magnum is an aftermarket variant of the same transmission found in many of today’s most revered factory muscle cars; meaning refinement where you want it and strength where it counts!

Due to its brute strength, the Magnum is the largest Tremec transmission in the lineup.  Being much larger than the stock four-speed, the tunnel needs to be enlarged.
MDL offers up a form-fitting fiberglass tunnel panel that is glassed into the body. 

Available Gear Ratios 

2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, 0.80, 0.63 OR .74, .50
2.97, 2.10, 1.46, 1.00, 0.80, 0.63 OR .74, .50

  • You will need to select a clutch matched for your horsepower & use. Need Help… give us a call.
  • We will use any existing parts you have that we can… there’s no need to buy new if you don’t have to.


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