Rebuild Service for TR 3550 & TKO


MDL offers rebuild services for your TR 3550 / TKO series transmission.

Once we receive your transmission we will open up the case and perform an inspection to evaluate what needs to be repaired.

We will then contact you to discuss our findings and possibly make suggestions to get your OK before we proceed.

Please Note: the availability of parts for the TR3550 transmissions are getting more & more difficult to locate, this may be a limiting factor.

A basic rebuild needing NO extra parts is priced below.

Rebuild Shop Labor  on TR 3550,  TKO500/600  –  $300

Major overhaul kit, 3550, TKOs  (all models):   –  $550
Does not include rings or fork pads.


How do We begin this process?

TKO’s & 3550’s can be shipped by UPS ground service and typically costs approximately $100-150 in each direction. 
If you wish to send in your T-5 for service, please contact us for an ‘RMA‘ so we can advise you what your likely cost of repair will be.
We can arrange for a call tag to be emailed to you for your convenience and provide advice on how to package it for safe travel.


How long does this take?

Turnaround time is about 1-2 weeks depending on our workload.
As a Tremec Elite dealer, we stock a complete line of Tremec and aftermarket T-5 service parts.


Interested... Please call 208-453-9800